News and Event coverage

That being said, our goal with Payvoices is to make social media advertising accessible and affordable for people who do not have the experience to advertise themselves and who don’t want to pay expensive advertising agencies to run their media campaigns.

  • Basics   — 50,000
  • Standard   150,000
  • Event coverage
  • Basics   — 40,000
  • Standard   100,000
  •  Event Publicity
  • 1 day promotion — 5,000    (Daily reach of 10,000 above)
  • 2 days promotion — 10,000  (Daily reach of 10,000 above)
  • 5 days  promotion — 30,000  (Daily reach of 10,000 above)
  • 10 days promotion — 50,000  (Daily reach of 10,000 above)
  • After completing your Advert booking send your ORDER ID to us through our contact form and if someone referred you also add referral email or user name to enable him or her earn is referral bonus.

Minimum price: 5,000.00



From News to conferences, parties and  concerts, event coverage online is an integral part of most brands’ ability to grow their social footprint and share with their audiences in a relevant way. Covering an event humanizes brands.



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