Our expert social media team has experience managing thousands of social media ad campaigns for our clients. We create personalized advertising campaigns that target the people most relevant to your business or brands. 

Weekly fee: 7,500   (per account)

Monthly fee; 30,000 (per account)

3 Months fee: 80,000 (per account)

If you’re looking to boost your exposure, grow your business or brands, grow a fanbase and increase your opportunities to be discovered by agents, then you need PayVoices.

Suggested price: 15,000.00

Minimum price: 7,500.00



100 of thousand of content are uploaded to social media every minute. To get exposure for your business or brands in such a crowded and competitive environment, payvoices created their  professional advertising team.

Let us process and analyse your social media audiences and develop a strategy that’s tailored to them, creating and distributing content for you social media profiles, monitoring online progress, collaborating with influencers and growing your brands.


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